AL HVAC License# 14067


AL General Contractor License# 50400


Trying to understand your HVAC systems on your own can be confusing and even intimidating, which is why the expert technicians at Kelley's Heating & Air receive a lot of questions when out on service calls and installations. We’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions and their answers for you to learn more about your home or office comfort systems:

What does HVAC stand for?

HVAC is the acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

Why don't you charge an hourly rate?

Because, by charging a flat rate cost in place of an hourly rate cost makes available more value for our customers because nothing is excluded, the price is up-front before any repairs are made, and does not get modified along the way. Regardless of the cost of parts or how much time it takes our technicians to complete repairs, your price will not change and Kelley's Heating & Air honors our quotes.

Why should I have routine maintenance performed on my heating and cooling systems?

You wouldn't pay a lot of money for a brand new car and assume to never have to rotate the tires, change the oil or examine any odd noises. Your heating and cooling system is no different. If not properly maintained, even the best HVAC equipment can and will experience complications and become less energy efficient over time.

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